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About 1DANA
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A funding eco-system platform for Government, Industry, Academia, Entrepreneur and people to connect.

Roydean Osman, Chief Secretariat, JKPDA
Created under the purview of Jawatankuasa Pelaburan Dana Awam (JKPDA) – A platform for Research, Development, Commercialisation and Innovation (R,D,C&I) eco-system.
To increase efficiency and effectiveness of research, development, commercialisation and innovation (R,D,C&I) programmes and projects in the country, key performance indicators and strategic performance practices have been formulated and adopted throughout all of the ministries and agencies in R,D,C&I public funding as part of the government transformation programme. Hence Jawatan Kuasa Pelaburan Dana Awam (JKPDA) is mandated with streamlining R,D,C&I programmes and projects which used to be fragmented..
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What does 1DANA offer?

Provide access to the measurement and reporting of R,D,C&I budgets allocated to Ministries/Agencies
Provides information regarding public funding  programs and projects which are available.
Stimulates take-up rates by local and international industries.

“We believe that online community plays a crucial role to shape up any innovation in
supporting an economy and providing social impact.”

How it works?