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Roydean Osman,   
  JKPDA Data Science

As part of Jawatankuasa Pelaburan Dana Awam (JKPDA) Malaysia public policy initiatives, a platform named JKPDA is designed, developed and deployed as a National Enterprise Database Tracking Platform for public funded projects and programs related to research and development, commercialisation and innovation (R,D,C&I) eco system. It is driven by rich data analytics and business intelligence to provide meaningful information for investments interests, research and development strategic growth, business process optimisation, landscape information benefiting the public and most importantly the stakeholders engagement, strategic planning and the implementation of key decision making within the innovation landscape to support Malaysia’s emerging technology sectors.

By disclosing landscape data analytics and business intelligence, this will enable JKPDA  to facilitate the increase of efficiency and effectiveness of R,D,C&I programmes and projects output and outcome which brings economic and social impact to the country. By monitoring the key performance indicators, addressing strategic issues and instill performance practices which have been formulated and adopted throughout all of the ministries and agencies , JKPDA is a crucial platform to monitor and evaluate the streamlining of R,D,C&I programmes and projects which used to be fragmented and has possible duplications.

The key driver are to support clear strategies, governance framework, policies, processes and performance monitoring system.  This platform helps to identify overlapping gaps, duplications, areas of improvements  within the priority areas. By monitoring the innovation eco-system, this will assist the stakeholders to formulate forward innovation strategies for Malaysia.

What does JKPDA offer?

Provide access to the measurement and reporting of R,D,C&I budgets allocated to Ministries/Agencies
Provides information regarding public funding  programs and projects which are available.
Stimulates take-up rates by local and international industries.

“We believe that online community plays a crucial role to shape up any innovation in
supporting an economy and providing social impact.”

How it works?